A song by GF Vigneri

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Growing up scares you
But you feel it so tempting
No doubt or concern
As you mask your hidden charm

Explain a whole dream
In just two words as you fly
Where the day is born

Walk in the night
Sweet hopes in your blood
Emotions that make you vibrate

Forgetting the pain
Of a thousand stories and fairy tales
That the breeze carries from afar

Endless moments
Bearing the hypocrisy
If you can’t wake up in time
Every drop of your breath blows away
Leaving there just the ghost of a lie

Hopes and surrender
As you leave the dream

A Rock Project by GF. Vigneri

Photo by Daniele D’Andreti on Unsplash

Way back in 2015 I started writing this Rock Project, a Concept Album loosely inspired by the masterpiece of the great German director Wim Wenders.

It’s important to specify since the very beginning, that there is no official involvement and no single connection with the director.

The story I’m going to tell in music is only loosely taken from the screenplay of 1987’s “The sky over Berlin” (Wings of Desire) and the subsequent 1998 remake “City of Angels”.

The album consists of 18 tracks, three of which are instrumental. …


Can the content of a message affect what people think of you?

Image by Jempo @ weheartit.com

Some days ago I read a story that impressed me so much, and I would like to share it on these pages because, in my opinion, it sheds light on one of the most important secrets of effective communication.

The story reports how was difficult during the First World War to communicate, partly because of the poor reliability and availability of telecommunications. As a solution to this problem, someone thought well to train pigeons to send point-to-point messages.

Communication Tips & Tricks

Look at the world with other people’ s glasses.

Image from GettyImages

How many times have we encountered situations in which someone’s attitude or behaviour seemed to us decidedly out of place, almost annoying or completely out of line with our canons?

I don’t think I’m telling anything new by talking about this, I know, you could say it’s in human nature.

I agree of course, but what does that mean exactly? And can we manage this state of annoyance towards our neighbour, or do we have to suffer it and just hope that the nerves hold up to the end?

Let’s say that to find the answer to these questions it…

The power of Focus

Can concentration and focus be more powerful than a samurai’s sword?

Images from Pinterest and Clean PNG

Story of a Samurai and a Tea Master is one of the most fascinating stories I encountered during my training path, but I can say also in my whole life.

Japanese culture is generally so full of mysteries, epic and legendary protagonists itself so even this one, being a well known Japanese legend, takes in my opinion the reader interest since the very beginning.

The story tells about an encounter/clash that took place between two people belonging to two opposite worlds.

Once again the following story, as you have understood, is not an original idea of mine, it is a…

Fly! You’re an angel — Words & Music by GF Vigneri…

Just to talk about …

Few words to discover the Five ages of Communication

Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

Our lives today are marked by hundreds of social appointments that are evolving thanks to the multitude of new technologies at our disposal.

We, most of the time, use them unconsciously because they have become inexorably part of our culture, so we very easily tend to even take for granted the technological advances and social strides that man has accomplished over the centuries, but the truth is that the remarkable journey that has been made by a human being is simply Spectacular.

The survival of every living being has always been linked to the ability to learn and evolve. Man…

Just to talk about…

Perhaps “one swallow doesn’t make a Summer” but cherry blossoms for sure means Spring

Sakura - Prunus serrulata - Photo by Tomwsulcer - CC0, Wikipedia

It seems that Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, coined the saying, One swallow does not make a summer, to indicate that the arrival of a single swallow could probably mean that had lost contact with the flock rather than the real arrival of the good season.

Or perhaps the saying arose from the fact that spring generally has several mood swings, going from the warmth of sunny days to the cold and wet of rainy days.

What I do know is that for me, the arrival of spring has always been marked by the blossoming of the cherry trees.


Just to talk about…

How to survive between love and hatred for social networks and self-promotion

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Being a writer or an artist in general nowadays must necessarily, sadly, be blended with a hard job of self-promotion.

I can talk about it openly based on my own experience since in addition to dabbling in writing I have declared myself a “non-professional” musician for over thirty years.

Once upon a time, the artist simply acted as an artist… the publishers took care of everything else, from promotion to the press, also operating initially as a filter, or rather selecting only those works that they thought made sense to publish, which, it must be said, was not always synonymous…

Thank you Kristina God for this tag to your story

I am not familiar with the scientific aspects behind what you are talking about, but I can confirm from my own experience that what you are saying certainly has a basis of truth.

At least for what concerns me.

I have three children and my transformation, my upgrade, let's say, from a simple human being 1.0 to a dad 2.0 has involved a profound revolution, not only psychological but also physiological in some way.

Something changes inside, it is undeniable, sometimes anxieties have the better of logic and rationality and…

Gianfranco Vigneri

Musician, graduate in communication and media, art and literature lover, writer for passion — Longing on a large scale is what makes history. (D.DeLillo)

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